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About Carrie

Carrie Higgins is a versatile and soulful singer, a multi-faceted songwriter and a charismatic and engaging performer. Whether she's performing for adults or children or both, her expressive and dynamic voice, genuine personality and meaningful yet entertaining songs, captivate and hold her audience in a warm, colorful spectrum of shared human experience. Carrie's songwriting is influenced by many different cultures, reflecting her belief that we are but one world, one family. Her children and family concerts demonstrate her advocacy of "whole child" learning, engaging many of the senses by combining singing and call and response while allowing the children to delight in playing diverse, ethnic instruments.  Carrie's obvious love of children and her ease with them adds special charm to her children and family programs.  She has beautifully woven together a vivid tapestry of positive value based songs creating a multicultural, multigenerational, mult-sensory and spirited event!

Carrie presently serves as volunteer So Cal team state coordinator for the SMA

Selective Mutism Association

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