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Have you ever been told:

•That you can’t “carry a tune” in a bucket?
•That you are tone deaf?
•That you are non-musical?

Remember the old African saying:
        If you can talk, you can sing
        If you can walk, you can dance!

Yes, talking and walking use the same part of the brain as singing and dancing!  And singing can be a learned skill, just like learning how to play an instrument. In fact, the human voice was the first instrument on the planet – and there are no two alike!  Your voice is the fingerprint of your soul in sound vibration – totally one of a kind.  My "Vocal Expression Coaching" has less to do with being a vocal gymnast and pitch perfect, and more to do with YOU tuning into YOUR emotions in connecting with a song and how YOU express it in your totally unique way. Let me help you free your natural voice and self expression in a private, supportive and unintimidating atmosphere. My vocal sessions are very affordable as well. I offer a free consultation and first session.

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Vocal Expression Coaching

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